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    Install a heater in your birdbath to prevent freezing during the cold winter months.

    Keep ample water in the basin of live Christmas trees.
  Placing your tree away from heat sources is helpful in maintaining freshness.

Early Spring
    Apply a pre-emergent crabgrass control.

    Apply an early season application of a pre-emergent control for dormant weed seed.

    Apply dormant oil spray on fruit trees.
  Act now to prevent diseased and malformed fruit during the harvest season.

    Begin flower, vegetable and herb seeds indoors.
  Many early harvest vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and peas should be started before mid-March.

    Clean Up Time!
  Clear your lawn of winter debris.

    Feed, Feed, Feed!
  Fertilize acid-loving broadleaf evergreens, Azaleas and Rhododendrons with Holly-tone.

    Plant cool weather crops of vegetables.
  Lettuce, Spinach, Peas, Cabbage and more! Pick up a FREE planting guide for a complete list and planting timetable.

    Plant, divide and feed perennials.
  Get your garden going with some new perennials.

    Remove mulch from the crowns of rose bushes.

    Spring ahead with Pansies!
  Nothing says "Spring" like a garden of perky pansies!

    Start summer blooming bulbs now.
  Dahlias and other tuberous roots and rhizomes can be started indoors.

    Tomato seedlings can be started indoors between April 1-15th.
  Keep the soil warm for speedy germination. Transplant outdoors after May 15th.


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