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    Avoid walking across wet or frozen turf.
  Soil is easily compacted when wet. Frozen turf that is walked on will show telltale footprints in spring.

    Cyclamen like it cool.
  These bloomers thrive in moist soil in a sunny location where it is cool at night (below 50 degrees).

    Dont forget to feed the birds!
  Our feathered friends rely on us during the winter months when their natural food sources are scarce. Try Lyric Delite mix for all the fun of feeding without any mess.

    Gift Cards are available 24/7 online, or stop by or call the store during business hours.
  Our NO FEE gift cards are available in any denomination and never lose value or expire - the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or as a thank you.

    Indoor plants benefit from increased humidity during the dry winter months.
  Place plants on a tray filled with clean pebbles and water, or spray them down in the sink or shower.

    Install a heater in your birdbath to prevent freezing during the cold winter months.

    Keep bird feeders stocked and a good supply of feed on hand for the winter months.
  Continue feeding through spring when natural food sources become available. Placing your tree away from heat sources is helpful in maintaining freshness.

    Planning a party? We can design centerpieces of live plants to match any theme or decor.
  Inquire in the store.

    Pot spring-flowering bulbs to force for winter bloom.
  Many spring favorites can be tricked into blooming indoors.

    Protect your outdoor pottery and statuary from winter damage.
  Even frost-free pottery and statuary benefit from a little winter proofing.

    Routinely inspect houseplants for signs of pests and/or disease.
  Early detection enables you to address a problem before it becomes a crisis.

    Store firewood outdoors, keep it covered but easily accessible for the cold winter months.
  Seasoned, dry firewood makes the best fires.

    Use Potassium chloride as a de-icer instead of Calcium chloride or traditional "Rock Salt".
  It doesn't harm plants or stain cement and makes little mess inside the home.

    Winter is dark, Houseplants need light!
  Houseplants need as much light as possible during the winter months of shortened daylight.

    Winter pots filled with branches of greenery make dormant planters lush again.
  Remember to water your winter pots weekly.


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