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    Bring Houseplants in before the end of September.
  Houseplants must be brought in before the end of September. Check the plants for insects before bringing them in. Treat only if mites or insects are present.

    Prepare to remove and store tender bulbs and tubers.
  This includes Dahlia, Canna, Caladium and Elephant Ear bulbs. These bulbs are not frost hardy and must be removed from the ground for winter storage. Remove bulbs from the ground when the foliage is yellow. Allow bulb to dry (foliage will turn brown), remove browned foliage and store in a cool (but frost free) dry place in a paper bag with peat moss.

    Remember to bring in tropical houseplants such as Hibiscus, Mandevilla and Oleander before the frost.
  It is best to spray them with a general housplant insecticide a few weeks before relocating them indoors.

    Keep newly established plants well watered during the heat of the summer.
  Wtering with a soaker hose once a week for 2 hours will give the plants the necessary hydration.

    Move houseplants back into a shady location to prepare them for their return into the house.

    Renovate the lawn now.
  Renovate the lawn now. Begin the process of reseeding your lawn. Clean out dead patches, core aerate, top dress with finely screened compost and reseed. The area must be watered three to four times a day until germination takes place.

    Water new plantings well.
  New plantings (those in the ground less than 2 years) benefit from watering with a soaker hose once a week for 2 hours to give the plants the necessary hydration.

    Gift Cards are available 24/7 online, or stop by or call the store during business hours.
  Our NO FEE gift cards are available in any denomination and never lose value or expire - the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or as a thank you.

    Planning a party? We can design centerpieces of live plants to match any theme or decor.
  Inquire in the store.


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